Let HQN test your service: 

  • Do you know if your estates and schemes are clean, tidy and pleasant to live in? 
  • Are you confident about the level of service you provide – the responses and advice given to customers? 
  • Do your relet standards meet customer expectations? 
  • How do you compare with others? 
  • How could you do better? 

Whether you are looking for assurance, gearing up for regulation, preparing for the TSMs or looking to generally drive service improvement HQN can help. 

We offer a cost effective, credible and independent health check of your frontline landlord service designed to complement your existing performance management mechanisms and quality checks. 

Our checks will identify the strengths and areas for improvement of your customer care and test out the technical knowledge of your staff. 

We’ll provide an assessment of the whole customer experience with clear recommendations on what you need to do. 

We offer up to five days of checks depending on the size and complexity of your organisation, including: 

  • Mystery shopping using the telephone and email 
  • Assessing the quality of your telephone service by listening to recorded calls 
  • Inspecting a random selection of estates/schemes 
  • Inspecting a selection of your ready to let properties 
  • Evaluating your website and digital offer. 

Checks are undertaken by a team of experienced and professional shoppers. 

Each exercise is tailored to your exact requirements. 

The whole process is quick and easy – requiring minimal input from you. All set up and delivered within a two week period. 

To find out more contact Anna Pattison on 01904 557197 or [email protected]