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The Housing Ombudsman says that 2 of every 3 complaints they see could have been handled better by the landlord. Getting complaint handling right saves the organisation and the customer time, money and effort as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Having the right skills and processes to handle customer complaints is key for any housing provider.

Knowing how to successfully manage and minimise customer complaints can make an enormous difference to any organisation – that’s why we’re running a customer complaint handling workshop.

Our facilitator Nigel Greenwood has 30 years’ experience in customer experience and complaint handling both as a practitioner and a trainer. He has run workshops worldwide and had three books published on the customer experience.

The added bonus – Nigel has significant experience across all sectors so can bring proven best practices to the social housing sector. In his words:

“Organisations need to welcome customer complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve, but handling the complaint in the right way is vital – it can turn a complainant into a real advocate for the organisation”.

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    This workshop covers:

    • Why customers complain
    • How to minimise complaints
    • The 3 things a complainant wants
    • Handling the initial call
    • Investigating the complaint
    • Communicating with the complainant
    • Getting resolution
    • Learning from complaints.

    Nigel will challenge your assumptions and ways of working. Be prepared to rethink and refresh your approach to complaint handling.

    Who should attend?

    This training is essential for everyone – staff, team leaders and managers – with responsibility for complaint handling, particularly those who want to improve and develop a tenant centred approach. It is really useful for staff and managers involved in complaint handling and review. It covers both basic requirements and the psychology behind them as well as delivering many practical ideas, hints and tips so is also ideal for anyone new to a complaint handling role.

  • Our trainer

    Nigel Greenwood is a former Head of Channel Management and Head of Customer Loyalty for HBOS PLC. He has helped all types and size of organisations handle complaints and improve the customer experience for over 30 years.

    After 27 years working in large corporates, Nigel launched his own consultancy firm to offer training and practical advice to large and small organisations across all sectors. Examples of the impact his work has had include a 68% reduction in complaints for a large corporate.

    He is an international speaker and trainer, with three books published on customer experience as well as two e-learning courses available on Udemy. Known for his practical Yorkshire style, Nigel has already run many successful HQN workshops on why and how to map customer journeys and understanding how to deliver the customer experience your tenants need.

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